Top three factors affecting the retail traders

The Forex market is enormous, you will hear lots of different news about the market from different people. You need to understand that you can’t control anything in the market, the market moves according to itself and it doesn’t follow any specific moving pattern. In a nutshell, the investment industry is dynamic. Those who can adapt themselves to the dynamic changes of this market can survive in trading. Those who don’t have the skills to assess the complex condition of this market, are always losing money.

Making a decision based on emotions, experience and gut feeling is often known as psychological biases. Biases will help you to identify more about the condition of the market. In this article, you will find some common biases which influence traders when they make their trading decisions.

1.    Self-awareness

If you found yourself losing any trades, try to change the trading system in your future trades. Losing is also a part of learning, you should always learn from your previous mistakes. Many traders try to make their trading processes by observing their recent results of trading. You need to focus both on your previous and recent trades to make any decisions. Instead of relying on emotions, try to find a mathematical reason for why you are losing money. Within a few days, you will realize the importance of the rational approach in the trading profession.

It is seen that the traders become too emotional after they lose in any trades and get scared to make any new trades. Some of the traders also become over-confident if they win in a few of the trades. You should always be aware of how you react to your trading results. Always trade with a high level of awareness.

2.    Take trading as gambling

Many new traders start trading like its gambling, they try to trade consistently in the hope of making more money. You should not trade in the market out of greed, greed comes when you treat the market as if it is gambling. Be aware of all the moves you make in your trades. Those who find it hard to control the emotions can open a an account at social trading platform like Zulutrade. With the help of a practice account, they should develop the skills to control the emotions. Without having the skills to deal with emotions, you are not going to become a fulltime trader.

You will not always win in your trades. You need to accept the fact and try harder in your next trades so that you can win. Never treat your trades like gambling and don’t trade out of greed. Believe in your trading method and use a simple trend trading strategy instead of executing trades with emotion.

3.    Maintain few rules

The market has its own rule of working, it doesn’t follow any specific pattern while moving. So, you should always trade according to the market and don’t forget that the market keeps changing continuously.

Use your strategies and skills according to the market’s condition to make profits in the trades. The most important rule that every trader should follow is to make their trades by checking their previous trades. By observing your previous trades you can easily find out your mistakes and rectify them according to the market’s condition to make profit in future trades.


If you are new, you should always learn from the pro trades but never imitate them in your trading. Every trader has a different way of trading, so even you should make your strategies and skills according to the market to make profits. There are many more biases that occur in the market but the above ones are the most common. Always trade by observing the market’s condition so that you don’t lose in the trades. The market’s condition helps the traders to identify whether to trade or not in the market.

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