Dead Cat Bounce

A trading term called a dead cat bounce is used to when a stock is in a severe decline and has a sharp bounce off the lows. It occurs due to the huge amount of short interest in the market. Once the supply and demand has become unbalanced, any type of bear market rally will create a massive short covering which will lead to a swift price move up. This bounce will be short lived and followed up by heavy selling which will break the prior price low. Read More

V Top

The V top is a reverse V-shaped top thus the name. The top is quite sharp. It’s due to the irrationality of actors leading to a steep increase that will be corrected shortly afterwards. The V top will occur most often in an upward trend and will often signal a trend reversal. It can also appear in a downward trend, like when in an economic announcement. Read More

V Bottom

The V bottom is shaped like a V thus the name. The dip will be quite sharp. It’s because the irrationality of actors leading to a steep fall which will be corrected shortly after. The V bottom will occur most often in a downward trend and will generally offer a signal trend reversal. It can also appear in an upward trend (like in an economic announcement). Read More

Horizontal Channel

A horizontal channel is a pattern that underlines investor’s indecisiveness. This horizontal channel is assembled by two horizontal and parallel lines that build the progress of the price. To confirm a line, there should be at least two points of contact with the price. The more contact points it will has, the more these will be durable and their breakout will give an substantial buy/sell signal. Read More