Vardy’s The Global Guru

The Global Guru is a free electronic newsletter that is distributed weekly. It helps the investor discover and profit from the leading minds in the international investment community. Mr. Vardy utilizes his background and high-profile contacts in providing the investor with an insider’s view on international investing which you will not be able to find in the mainstream press, or even your broker.

Each issue you read will help you learn which global investments and trends high level investors go towards and their reasoning behind them. By reading The Global Guru you’ll see how world events affect your finances. You will become a knowledgeable investor and learn valuable lessons along the way.

Nicholas Vardy is known as an important part of the Eagle Financial Publications group of financial advisors. Many refer to him as The Global Guru because of  his expertise in international investing. He utilizes his unique experience to provide the investor with an insider’s look at profitable investment opportunities on global markets. Here are several publications he is editor of. The Global Guru, The Alpha Investor Letter, Bull Market Alert, Dividend Pro, and is also the founder of the London Junto which is a monthly gathering of London’s hedge fund community. There these leading investment professionals gather together to represent more than $50 billion of hedge fund assets. They’ll meet and debate the investment affairs of the day.

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