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Introducing Personal Finance Lab – the high schools-only version of HowTheMarketWorks

Upgrade Your Class Stock Game

HTMW is the best free stock game on the web, loaded with tons of awesome features like real-time trading, streaming portfolios, and integrated assignments. To keep HTMW free, we are sponsored by the brokerage industry, and run some advertisements throughout the site. We also leave the door open to the general public – almost half of our users are individuals and adult investment clubs.

To bring the full focus back to education, we launched our newest version – PersonalFinanceLab.com.

Personal Finance Lab takes everything you know and love about HTMW, and kicks it up to a whole new level. Besides a completely ad-free experience for your school, Personal Finance Lab also includes:

300 lessons

Over 300 Integrated Lessons

Full integrated, customizable curriculum – tailored for high schools. Over 300 separate activities (and counting) activities available for your class assignments


Standards-Based Curriculum

All curriculum rigorously addresses state and national teaching standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Investments classes

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Graded Quizzes

The enhanced Assignments on Personal Finance Lab let you choose how students get credit for quizzes – save their first score, or let them retry to get all questions right


Investing 101

Also includes our 10-chapter, 100-topic Beginners Investing Course built in, perfect for investments classes and self-guided after school programs

Security Types

More Security Types

Expand your class stock game to include corporate and treasury bonds, international stock exchanges, options, currencies, commodities, and more (you can even include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin)


Multi-dimensional Teacher Reports

We built a whole new teacher reports section, with full transaction histories for all students, full class spreadsheet exports, most popular stocks for each week, historical portfolio values, and more

team Portfolios

Team Portfolios

You can group your students in teams – each student still progresses through their own assignments and makes their own trades, but portfolios for the whole team aggregate together for a better group project

Feature Comparison




Includes stock market game? check check-purple
US and Canadian Stocks and ETFs check check-purple
International Stocks and ETFs check-purple
US Mutual Funds check check-purple
US Bonds check-purple
US Options check-purple
Forex and Commodities check-purple
Derivatives check-purple
Includes curriculum aligned to standards? Limited Sample Complete
Personal Finance 10 Lessons 70 Lessons
Economics 5 Lessons 40 Lessons
Business (Accounting, Management, Marketing) 3 Lessons 40 Lessons
Investing 15 Lessons 100 Lessons
Computer Science 4 Lessons 4 Lessons
Career Center check check-purple
Includes Tutorial Videos? check check-purple
Includes Advertisements? Advertisements No Advertisements
Available Teacher Reports
Class Summary Data check-purple
Student Trade Data Limited check-purple
Exportable Class Data Limited check-purple
Exportable Student Reports check-purple
Teacher Dashboard check-purple
COPPA Compliant? check check-purple
ADA Compliant? check check-purple
Messaging Features? check check-purple
Class Forums check check-purple
Teacher posted messages and videos check-purple
Customer Support check check-purple
Live Teacher Support check check-purple
800 number during market hours check check-purple
Support Ticketing check check-purple
On-Demand Teacher Webinars check check-purple
Live Teacher Webinars check-purple