StocksToTrade In-Depth Review – Your Guide to Navigating Through This Trading Platform

StocksToTrade is a professional stocks trading platform designed for the casual trader and pro alike.

StocksToTrade provides stock traders with powerful features, functions, and resources to trade stocks like pro. Read our critical review of StocksToTrade for detailed insights of this trading platform.

Equities trading is a multi-trillion dollar industry featuring millions of institutional and retail traders. The financial markets are awash with stocks trading activity, in premarket, market, and after hours trading sessions. Savvy traders have an opportunity to generate substantial earnings from day trading activity, by making use of technical and fundamental analysis vis-a-vis thousands of listed stocks. StocksToTrade allows full integration with your broker, to allow for unlimited [commission free] trading, capped at a fee of $14.99 per month.

StocksToTrade was designed and developed by traders, ensuring that all of the trading features and functions meet the exigent needs of casual traders and institutional traders. The all-in-one trading platform serves its purpose by focusing all relevant market-related activity in one place. As a new trader, there is absolutely no need to navigate out of your StocksToTrade account to source additional information relevant to your trades. Given the intense competition among online stock brokers, it is essential to pick the right trading platform from the get go. StocksToTrade offers precisely the right mix of features, functions, and financial instruments to hit the ground running.

With StocksToTrade, you can perform a variety of functions and access a wide range of features, including:

  • Access to 21,000+ listed stocks
  • Access to a powerful stocks trading platform for $7, for 14 days
  • Access real-time data on stocks, including pricing, company data, and SEC reports
  • Access to ORACLE which automatically searches for precisely the right mix of stocks that meet your criteria, saving you tremendous time and effort

 What you need to know about StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is an established stocks trading platform with over a decade of experience in the industry. Established in 2009, StocksToTrade serves as an all-in-one, DIY stocks trading system for the casual trader or the professional trader. This platform sets itself apart from the competition by providing comprehensive training tools and resources to help up-and-coming traders better understand equities markets, and how to read stocks, follow stocks, compare stocks, buy stocks, and sell stocks. More importantly, StocksToTrade empowers traders with detailed insights, courtesy of algorithms and analytical tools which are designed to alert traders to ideal trading opportunities. To date, hundreds of thousands of traders have registered on the trading platform.

Among others, StocksToTrade hosts instructional, educational, and insightful podcasts by the lead technical trainer Tim Bohen and others, to help everyday traders better understand, navigate, and succeed with equities trading. Thanks to an expertly-qualified training team at the ready, traders have access to a community of professionals who understand the intricacies of the StocksToTrade platform and how best to assist traders in this realm.

Perhaps what makes StocksToTrade stand out from all the rest, is that it doesn’t tell you to follow other traders – you simply click a few buttons to find the stocks with the biggest gains, biggest losses, or highest trading volume. This proprietary trading technology [courtesy of pre-programmed scans] allows you to instantly identify lucrative trading opportunities. By employing efficient trading tactics and strategies which are more likely to yield positive returns, anyone can effectively become a successful trader.

StocksToTrade also features in-depth FAQs to demystify equities trading in general, and questions specific to StocksToTrade. While this company is not a broker per se, it acts as a trading platform which allows you to pair up with your broker [easily connect], direct from your dashboard. Even US equity traders are permitted to use this trading platform with a broker – worldwide service is available. Thanks to the paper trading module, you can pick stocks and trade under real-world trading conditions by simulating market activity before you trade for real money.

StocksToTrade is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, with near-zero latency and real-time data updates.

StocksToTrade Account Options

There are currently two types of account options available to traders at StocksToTrade. These include the Monthly Account with unlimited access and the Annual Account. At the time of writing, the monthly account was priced at $179.95, with an option to try for $7. The Annual Account was priced at $1899.50, with $250 in instant savings. Both account options feature real-time data, including intricate details of each company’s board of directors, CEO, CFO, CTO, et cetera, as well as SEC filings, earnings, and other pertinent information.

What Does the StocksToTrade Platform Look Like?

Once you have selected an account, full access stock-related information to provided, including price tracking over time, high/low, opening/closing prices, 52-week high 52-week low, market capitalization, float, shares, price/earnings ratio, earnings per share, and a series of important color-coded information to make it much easier to understand how to trade the stocks.

Figures in green indicate rising prices (bullish movements), while figures in red indicate falling prices (bearish movements). Gray figures represent no change or stable price movements. All of this is visible on a dynamic timeline spectrum, reflecting upward/downward price movements, comparative price analysis, size of trades, and other key data.

As a trader, you can buy or sell any listed equity from your real-money trading account. If you wish to paper trade in demo mode, under simulated real-market conditions, that option is available too. For highs and lows of trading activity within short time windows, it is possible to change the time to as little as 30 minutes. This presents traders with a much more in-depth view of micro-price movements, with candlesticks with red representing falling prices and green representing rising prices. It is possible to further customize the timeframe in the following options: 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M according to preferences.

Source: StocksToTrade 30 MIN, 1MIN intervals

Source: StocksToTrade 30 MIN, 5 MIN intervals

By toggling the settings, you get to see what happens in between highs and lows, where put options and call options come into play.

Using the Oracle Function – The Wizard for Online Stocks Trading

Source: StocksToTrade Oracle Algorithm for Automatic Selection of Top Stocks

Oracle is particularly impressive at StocksToTrade. This proprietary technology makes it easy for traders to instantly see the top short stocks, long stocks, and other important stock-related data. For example, in the above chart, the Symbol indicates the ticker of the stock such as ZOM, WORK, WKHS, TRIL, SQQQ, SPCE, SHLO, and so forth. These are presented with green and red colours along a low-high price continuum. In the above chart, real-time data is presented for the bullish or bearish movements with stocks. This means that you don’t have to manually investigate the markets to find profitable trading opportunities. It is all presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Is it Safe to Trade on StocksToTrade?

This trading platform is 100% safe and secure to use. Given that sophisticated encryption technology is employed to safeguard the integrity of player accountable times, you can rest assured that all communication between yourself and the server is ironclad. The broker integration feature which pairs StocksToTrade with your chosen broker is fully encrypted. It is worth re-emphasising that StocksToTrade is not a broker; it is a trading platform. As such, any trading activity is subject to the safety and security measures in place on your personal computer (Windows or Mac), as well as the trading broker you have selected to partner with this trading platform.

Does StocksToTrade Offer Trading Advice for Supported Brokers and Clients?

Source: StocksToTrade Menu for Trading Support Options

No. This trading platform merely provides the tools, resources, and data that you can use to initiate trading activity. Whether you buy or sell stocks, StocksToTrade is a trusted trading platform which does not charge any fees or commissions for trades that you initiate through your broker. Multiple brokers are supported at StocksToTrade, including: RobinHood, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, Tradier Brokerage Inc and others. It is worthwhile staying abreast of the listing of supportive brokers at StocksToTrade.

For support, you can click on the ‘Support’ option from the drop-down menu on the top right of your screen. This will open up the StocksToTrade ‘Ultimate Resource Guide’ and a full listing of support -related topics including FAQs, support, sales, billing, StocksToTarde Pro, and the useful StocksToTrade User Manual. It is highly encouraged to use the StocksToTrade user manual to learn everything there is to know about getting started, charting, and trading.

StocksToTrade: What’s the Verdict?

StocksToTrade is a powerful trading platform with a host of features, functions, and resources. While it is not a broker, it can be used at many reputable brokers all over the world. This trading platform features a proprietary Oracle algorithm which automatically determines lucrative market opportunities based on a wide range of configurations that you have control over. This stable platform with real-time pricing, updates, and financial instrument information allows for easy analysis across a wide range of metrics. The 14-day trial and paper trading options allow clients to test the waters, before making a long-term commitment to this platform.