Valuable Stock Game for High School and College Classes Proves to be a Valuable Stock Game for High School and College Students

(Montreal, Quebec) August 27, 2012 – Stock-Trak, the web’s leading provider of educational stock market games and virtual portfolio simulations, has compelling evidence supporting the role of stock market games in high school and college classes.

“Personal finance and financial literacy are hot topics in the educational market as of late, and there is constant debate over the value of virtual stock market games in the classroom,” says Mark T. Brookshire, Founder of Stock-Trak. “As the leader in providing these stock games to high school and college students in North America, what better way to add data to this debate than to survey our users.”

Stock-Trak’s site is a free stock market game site that gives users $100,000 in virtual cash and allows them to buy and sell U.S. stocks, ETFs and mutual funds and test their stock portfolio skills against their classmates. “As a free stock market game, the site is very popular among high school and college classes. It is perfectly designed for anyone such as teachers, instructors, professors and investment clubs, to create their own private contest, establish their own trading rules, and invite their classmates or friends” says Mr. Brookshire.

High School stock market games A survey just completed in August, 2012 of nearly 1,000 users found that 73% of the users found the site to be an “Extremely Valuable” or “Very Valuable” part of the class. Another 22% found the site to be “Moderately Valuable” and 4% found it “Slightly Valuable” indicating that a combined 99% found some value in using the site in the classroom.

Furthermore, 96% of the users report that, after using the site, they are more confident in their investing abilities.

“The results of this survey indicate quite strongly the valuable role of a virtual stock market game in the classroom,” says Mr. Brookshire. “We are not the final answer to the financial literacy issue in the U.S., but I know we are part of the solution.”

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