VS. has been the leading FREE investment simulation platform teachers use for over a decade. Our site is far more customizable and developed than I will highlight the main features that our site offers that

1. Is a Fully Free Site:

The team wants to make sure every school can take advantage of an investment simulation platform so our site is FREE to use for everyone. Unlike the which requires all schools to pay fees to participate, unless you have an external sponsor.

2. Displays Live Portfolio Updates: displays live portfolio updates, meaning that there is instant order execution. As soon as a user places a trade (buys or sells a stock), it is instantly displayed on their portfolio. Along with every stock quote price, the daily high, low, and volume, you will also see the stock chart. The stock chart shows the stock price for the last day, month, or up to 5 years back. On the other hand, only updates your portfolio once a day. So if you place a trade you will only see it on your portfolio the next day.

3. Displays Live Rankings: displays live real-time rankings. Every time you place a trade the value on the rankings page will automatically update your position. This means every buy, sell, short and cover can move you up or down in real time. Users who don’t log in or trade are still updated every hour. On the other hand, only updates rankings at the end of each day.

4. Is Fully Customizable: is fully customizable unlike Our site allows teachers to set up their OWN stock game at their convenience for their OWN students. Teachers have the liberty to choose the lengths of the stock game; their own start and end date. They can also customize their game by choosing what currencies students are allowed to trade and what type of trading students are allowed to execute, like day trading or penny stock trading etc. On the other hand, the; is one large trading challenge that teachers have no control over.

5. Offers an Integrated Curriculum With Built-in Assessments for Teachers:

Only offers teachers an integrated curriculum with built-in assessments. Our site contains roughly three dozen lesson plans with built-in assessments, aligned to state and national standards for personal finance, economics, accounting, management, marketing, and investing. A teacher can assign a lesson plan to their students online, and our site will generate an automatic assessment quiz. The students will be graded on the quiz, and teachers can view this grade through the teacher reports. If teachers are interested in accessing even more lesson plans, our upgraded ad-free site, offers over 300 integrated lessons with built in curriculum. On the other hand doesn’t offer any of these additional teacher resources.

6. Offers Teachers an Endless Amount of Customizable Teacher Reporting Tools:

Only offers teachers an endless amount of customizable reporting tools to help them keep track of their students progress. There are two main types of reports; portfolio reports and assignment reports. The portfolio reports shows your students open positions, transactions history, detailed balances, realized profit and losses, and the trade notes. The assignment report is essentially a report card which will list each students overall completion of the selected assignment and their grades. doesn’t offer its users these reporting tools.

7. Offers Students a Career Center:

We at want to help students get ahead, so only our site exclusively offers students a career center. Our career center offers students a job search engine and a job search advice column. The job search engine holds a bank of jobs and internships from Indeed and Zip Recruiter. There is an easy filtering system so students can get very specific with their job search. They can filter out a certain state or job type etc. The job advice column holds a bank of articles that cover tips and tools students can use to help them find a job. This column covers a wide variety of topics like how to ace an interview, the five biggest mistakes of job seekers and everything in between. On the other hand, doesn’t offer the students any additional career resources.

8. Offers Teachers a “Trade Note” Tool:

One of the most important customization tools we offer our teachers that StockMarketGame.Org doesn’t, is that we allow teachers to enable a “Trade Note” tool. This tool allows teachers to require their students to justify their trade by writing a short sentence justifying why they are placing this trade. We allow up to 300 characters per trade note. This features ensures that students don’t blindly or impulsively trade, they do research before any trade. doesn’t offer this tool, which allows students to use the trading challenge as a gambling experience.

Takeaway: is the leading FREE investment simulation platform. We offer many features that doesn’t which makes us the most developed and reliable platform. Our site is 100% FREE to use, so if you haven’t registered to our site, register today here, you have nothing to loose!

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