VS. has been the leading free investment simulation platform teachers use for over a decade. is a far more advanced investment simulation platform than all of our competitors; including We want to highlight some of the biggest differences between both sites, which make our site the most unique, and the greatest educational investment platform for both teachers and students.

1. Only Offers Teachers an Integrated Curriculum With Built-in Assessments

One of the biggest differences between and is that only offers teachers an integrated curriculum with built-in assessments. While our other competitors don’t. We offer roughly three dozen lesson plans with built-in assessments, aligned to state and national standards for personal finance, economics, accounting, management, marketing, and investing. Teachers can assign these lesson plans to students through our online website. Once students complete these assignments, our site automatically generates a quiz to test the students’ comprehension. If teachers are interested in having access to even more lessons, our upgraded ad-free site, offers over 300 integrated lessons with built in curriculum. Overall, the lesson plans feature, is extremely beneficial to teachers and is what makes us stand out as the number one free educational investment simulation for schools.

2. Only Offers Teachers Customizable Teacher Reports

The second major difference between both sites is that has an endless amount of customizable teacher reporting tools that our competitor doesn’t offer its teachers. Our site offers teachers a ton of customizable reporting tools so that they can keep track of their students progress. There are assignment reporting tools; which keep track of student’s progress with assignments. There are also trading reports which allow teachers to keep track of their students’ trades and rankings. There are many more customizable tools teachers can use to help them grade their students. This feature saves teachers a lot of work and time.

3. Only Offers Teachers a “Trade Note” Tool

Another important difference between and is that our site offers teachers a “trade notes” tool. This tool allows teachers to make their students write a “trade note” before investing in any stock. This tool requires students to be more analytical about the stocks they choose to invest in. It encourages students to conduct research, and make calculated decisions about investing, not impulsive rash ones. In essence, this tool is what makes our site an educational investment site, not just a game.

4. Only Offers Students a Career Center Tool

The final major difference between both sites is that offers students a career center, while our competitors like don’t. The career center offers students a job search tool and job-search advice column. First off, the job-search tool is a tool that holds a bank of jobs and internships from around the globe, where students can find and apply for jobs. There is an easy filtering system, so students can get as specific as they want. They can filter out any location, job type (full-time, part-time, contract…) etc. Second of all, our site has a job-search advice column. This column covers a range of topics regarding job searches, interviews, and everything in between. Our career center is one of the greatest features that our platform offers to students, which is what makes us uniquely the greatest investment simulation platform for students.

5. Only Doesn’t Require Any Email To Register

Unlike our other competitors, like, our site is the only one that doesn’t require any email address to register an account and begin investing. We are very aware of your data privacy and we don’t want users to feel like they are being compromised. Our site allows users to use our platform by simply registering any username. So no unwanted promotional or marketing emails, and no more privacy concerns. You can now use our site with no strings attached.

Takeaway is the leading free investment simulation platform because of it’s unique features and tools that our competitors like don’t offer. Our integrated curriculum with built-in assessments, teacher reports, trade notes, and career center make our platform not just a game but an educational tool for both students and teachers. Therefore, if you are using any other platform in your schools, make sure to switch over to us today. Its fully free. What do you have to loose?

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