VS. is the number one leading FREE investment simulation. It is far more developed, customizable and has many more features than I will outline the specific features that offers, making it the number one stock game.

1. Has a Full Time Live Support Team

Unlike, has a full time live support team that responds to requests within one business day. We know how difficult it may be to navigate an online simulation platform, so our support team is always here to help. Our site users can contact us through our phone line, live chat or by email. On the other hand, you can only contact by emails which can be less efficient.

2. Offers Teachers a “Trade Note” Tool offers teachers a “Trade Note” tool. This tool requires students to justify each trade (buy or sell) they make on our site by writing a justification note of up to 300 characters. This feature was added to our site to ensure students think before they trade; to make sure they don’t just trade blindly or impulsively. It is meant to ensure the trading challenge doesn’t become a gambling game. doesn’t have this feature.

3. Displays Live Rankings:

Unlike, displays live real-time rankings. Every trade a user places will automatically be updated on the rankings page. Even users who don’t log into our site will have their ranking constantly updated. On the other hand, evaluates rankings overnight only so the rankings aren’t up to speed.

4. Offers an Integrated Curriculum With Built-in Assessments For Teachers: offers teachers an integrated curriculum with built-in assessments. Our site offers teachers roughly three dozen lesson plans with built-in assessments, aligned to state and national standards for personal finance, economics, accounting, management, marketing, and investing. When a class contest is created, teachers can assign online lesson plans as homework for their students. After every assignment, the site will generate an automatic assessment quiz, and allocate the student a grade. If teachers are interested in accessing even more lesson plans, the upgraded ad-free site, offers over 300 integrated lessons with built in curriculum. On the other hand, doesn’t offer any of these additional teacher resources.

5. Offers Students a Career Center:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is career-center.jpg is here to help your students get ahead, so our site exclusively offers students a Career Center. The Career Center consists of a job search engine and a job search advice column. The job search engine holds a bank of jobs and internships from Indeed and Zip Recruiter. There is an easy filtering system so students can get very specific with their job search. They can filter out a certain state or job type etc. The job advice column consists of a wide range of articles that cover tips and tools students can use to help them find a job. On the other hand, doesn’t offer its students any additional career resources. Has Customizable Teacher Reporting Tools: offers teachers an endless amount of customizable reporting tools to help them keep track of their students progress. There are two types of reports; assignment reports and portfolio reports. The assignment report is essentially a report card which will list each students overall completion of the selected assignment and their grades. The portfolio reports shows your students open positions, transactions history, detailed balances, realized profit and losses, and the trade notes. On the other hand, doesn’t offer its teacher any reporting tools.

Takeaway: is the number one FREE stock game, and outperforms It offers its users far more features than like a live support staff, “Trade Note” tool, live rankings, integrated curriculum with built-in assessments, a career center and a reporting tool.

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