Fun Mode vs Realistic Mode Offers Fun Mode Vs Realistic Mode

Our site offers two modes for Virtual TradingFun Mode and Realistic Mode.
Click the Manage Portfolios tab to switch modes.

  Fun Mode Realistic Mode
Goal Simple, convenient More like a real brokerage
Free to use 100% 100%
Order Types Market Market, Limit, Stop Market/Limit, Trailing Stops;Read more
Place orders anytime Yes Yes
Orders execute Immediately Only when market is open
See Market Hours
Order expirations N / A Several options; Read more
Trade indexes like $TICKIXN Yes No
Trade fractional shares Yes No
Max shares per day per stock Unlimited ~50% of avg. daily volume
Max ownership per stock Unlimited ~10% of outstanding shares
Max shares per trade 10 Billion
* For penny stocks
1 Million
Real-time quotes Delayed 15 minutes Delayed 15 minutes
Short selling Yes Yes, above $5/share
Interest earned on cash No 1.00% Interest Rate
* Paid on the 1st of the month
Dividends No Maybe later this year
Margin trading No Maybe later this year

Note: All contests run in Realistic Mode.