Fun Mode vs Realistic Mode Offers Fun Mode Vs Realistic Mode

Our site offers two modes for Virtual Trading: Fun Mode and Realistic Mode.
Click the Manage Portfolios tab to switch modes.

Fun Mode Realistic Mode
Goal Simple, convenient More like a real brokerage
Free to use 100% 100%
Order Types Market Market, Limit, Stop Market/Limit, Trailing Stops;Read more
Place orders anytime Yes Yes
Orders execute Immediately Only when market is open
See Market Hours
Order expirations N / A Several options; Read more
Trade indexes like $TICKIXN Yes No
Trade fractional shares Yes No
Max shares per day per stock Unlimited ~50% of avg. daily volume
Max ownership per stock Unlimited ~10% of outstanding shares
Max shares per trade 10 Billion
* For penny stocks
1 Million
Real-time quotes Delayed 15 minutes Delayed 15 minutes
Short selling Yes Yes, above $5/share
Interest earned on cash No 1.00% Interest Rate
* Paid on the 1st of the month
Dividends No Maybe later this year
Margin trading No Maybe later this year

Note: All contests run in Realistic Mode.

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