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Financial Modeling

In investment valuation, financial modeling refers to the procedure and methodology performed to determine the value of an asset or financial security. Fundamentally, a business or company’s current value can be viewed as being derived from its future cash flow streams. An investor deciding whether to purchase or sell a stock, therefore, will be interested in estimating such value.

Safety Stocks

Some stocks, dubbed “safety stocks” by some investors, are stable enough that they tend to hold their value even when the rest of the market is in shambles. While these stocks aren’t immune to the changes and fluctuations in the stock market, they usually weather the changes well and are much less prone to sudden drops in value.

Cash Flow Statement

A revenue or expense stream that changes a cash account over a given period. Cash inflows usually arise from one of three activities – financing, operations or investing – although this also occurs as a result of donations or gifts in the case of personal finance. Cash outflows result from expenses or investments. This holds true for both business and personal finance.

Bollinger Bands

Volatility is founded on the standard deviation, which modifies as volatility expands and declines. The bands spontaneously widen when volatility expands and narrow when volatility declines.