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Robinhood is the Most Popular Broker Right Now

If you have ever thought about opening a brokerage account, now is the time to to so!

The stock markets have plummeted 30% in the last few weeks and now they seem to have bottomed out.  If you have every thought about investing in the market–stocks are on sale!  Start buying them slowly now.

In just 6 years, Robinhood has opened up over 10,000,000 accounts.

How did they grow so fast?  They were the first broker to offer $0 commission trading AND have no minimum balance for opening an account.  Also, they don’t spend their advertising dollars on print, radio, TV or online ads–rather, they rely on word of mouth and referrals.

Get Up To $1,000 in Free Stock When You Open an Account This Month!

For this month only, Robinhood is giving away up to $1,000 in free stock when you open an account. Read this article to learn how to start collecting free stock when you open a Robinhood brokerage account.