Beginner and Intermediate Market Chart Tips – Learn How the Market Works – Basics and Advanced Shares

Learn how the market works, how you trade, and how to read stock charts!

How to Learn Basics and Advanced of Share Trading
But before you can run you need to learn how to walk. To help you get started learning about the market we have pulled together this list of 30 key concepts, terms, and strategies about the market that you should understand before you risk your real money.

Take your time reading through this list, visit as often as you want, and make sure you use the HowTheMarketWorks (HTMW) free trading market game so you can practice trading with a $100,000 of virtual money while you study these concepts.

Sometimes you need to get out there and get real world experience to truly learn about how the market works, but what if you could get this experience without all of the risk? What if you could test your theories and strategies without actually losing any money? Well that is the reason we started our stock game. Playing our trading game is truly the best way to understand the market. You get to wreak all of the benefits without any risk! The best part is that you get to have fun!

Learn to trade stocks
Beginning Market Concepts
1. What is a Stock?
2. Best Practice for New Investors
3. What is a Ticker Symbol?
4. Getting Quotes
5. Bid Price and Ask Price
6. Market Orders
7. Practice Trading First
8. Making Your First Trade
9. Understanding PE Ratios
10. Dividend & Dividend Yield
11. What is an IPO?
12. Using Charts

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Intermediate Stock Market Concepts
Intermediate Market Concepts
Understanding Diversification
1. Dogs of the Dow Strategy
2. Fundamental Analysis Intro
3. Technical Analysis Intro
4. Dollar Cost Averaging
5. Building a Portfolio
6. Using Limit Orders
7. Stop Orders
8. Income Statement
9. Balance Sheet
10. Cash Flow Statement
Volume is Key to Price

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How to Trade Stocks AdvancedADVANCED

Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Trailing Stop Orders
Sharpe Ratio

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Introduction to Options
Why Use Options
How to Read an Options Table
Call Option
Put Option
Black Scholes
Time Decay
Covered Calls
Option spreads
Make Money with Call Options

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Learning how to read a chart is a great way to plan your trading strategy. The Basics and the Advanced strategy is important for marketing success.

The best part of our stock market game is that you can experiment, test strategies, or just see what can happen without any risk! It really makes the process of learning the market extremely fun and exciting!

It is important to learn the tools needed for trading. We can help you learn all aspects for success in trading on the market!

how to read stock charts