Thank you for participating in the StockPickr Stock and ETF portfolio simulation. Unfortunately, all contests are now over, and we have taken this site offline. If you would like a copy of your Open Positions at the close of the last trading day, send an email to support @ and the simulation support team will be happy to send it to you.

If you want to continue practice trading or compete in contests for cash prizes, sign up for free at HowTheMarketWorks!


HowTheMarketWorks is the world's fastest-growing FREE stock market game, used by over 350,000 individuals every year. HowTheMarketWorks features all US and Canadian Stocks and ETFs, along with US mutual funds. You can also create your own custom contest with your own trading rules, or join one of the public contests created by other users.

HowTheMarketWorks also features monthly contests with prizes; $500 or more for the top finishers. There will be a special contest starting September 1st to welcome all former StockPickr to the site, with cash prizes!

New Features You'll Love:

Create and Join Contests

You can manage multiple portfolios across multiple contests! You get a practice portfolio with as much cash as you want, plus the ability to jion thousands of custom contests with rules set by other traders just like you for personal practice. Set up portfolios in multiple contests to test different trading strategies, or set up your own custom contest and invite your friends!

Portfolio Charts

You will have the same overall value charts from the StockPickr game, plus brand-new holdings charts, showing all your holding's daily, monthly, and yearly performance, color coded based on profit and loss. If you don't have any holdings, we even provide lists of the most popular stocks trading now, plus daily biggest gainers/losers, and even best/worst ETFs

Monthly Prized Contests!

There are monthly contests on HowTheMarketWorks, usually for $500 in cash! The contests are public, so anyone can participate, with lots of traders from all over the world. Prizes are typically given to the top 5 performers by portfolio return, with contest forums to talk strategy with other traders. There will be a special prized contest to welcome all Stockpickr simulation traders with $500 in prizes, starting now!