The 3-Minute Quick Start Stock Game

How To Get Your Class Stock Game Signed Up Fast!

If you want to set up your class stock game on HowTheMarketWorks, you’ve come to the right place! Starting from scratch, we’ll get your custom stock game set up and ready for your students to start trading in less time than it takes for them to take their seats!

Step 1: Create Your Account

First, you’ll need your own completely free account.

Click “Start” to begin registration, and click “Finished” once you get you finish registering or log in.

Step 2: Set Up Your Class

Next, we need to create your class. You’ll need to enter the following information:

  1. Your class name
  2. What type of class it is
  3. A class description (to help your students find it later)
  4. Your class password (or leave it public)
  5. Your class rules

To make it easy, we’ve pre-set all the settings for the class rules to the most popular choices of teachers around the country. If you change your mind later, you can edit most of these rules at any time. You can also create an Assignment, but to speed this up we’ll leave that for later too.

Once your class is created, you’ll be taken to the registration page where we’ll show you a link to invite your students. If your school blocks 3rd party emails, you’ll want to save this for later.

Click “Create Class Contest” to set your class rules, and click “Finished” when you are taken to the class confirmation.

Step 3: Get Your Students In Your Class

As soon as your class was created, we sent you a confirmation email with your “Invite Link”. It should look something like “”.

Just give this link to all the students in your class, and they’ll be joined directly in to your contest! If your students already have an account, that link will join them in to your contest. If they don’t have an account, this will take them to the registration page, and then join them directly into your contest.

If you can’t find the link, don’t worry! Just have your students register to the site from the home page, then click “Join Contest”. They can search for your contest using the name you set earlier. If you put a password on your class, they will need to enter it here as well.

You can also use the “Live Chat” at the bottom of this page to ask our support team for your contest join link, we can always find it for you.

And You’re Done!

Your students can log in and start trading immediately! Now you can kick back and relax!

If you are interested in adding an assignment to your class (having your students read educational articles about economics, personal finance, and investing, or place a certain number of trades), Click Here to learn about Assignments.

If you want the full Teacher’s Guide on managing your class, seeing your students’ trades and portfolios, and downloading reports, Click Here for the full Teacher’s Guide