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Welcome to HowTheMarketWorks, where we bring your personal finance, social studies, and math lessons to life!

More and more research is showing that the key to having lessons in the classroom to really sink in is to make sure your students are getting a full experiencial learning experience, with lots of examples, interactive supplements, and external resources to help bring everything together.2128397115That is the idea behind everything we do at HowTheMarketWorks! The heart of our program is our virtual trading software, where teachers can set up a custom stock market contest for their class, using the dates, trading rules, and starting cash that is most applicable to their own class, and have their students take part in a fully interactive investment simulator, using all real companies, real stocks, real mutual funds, and real prices, in a 100% free environment!

However, HowTheMarketWorks is much more than a stock game; our site is constantly evolving based on the needs of teachers to bring the best resource to all their students, across every grade level, school subject, and class time they can dedicate to supplements. Some of our best new features include:

Complete Teacher Customization!


Create a custom stock and mutual fund contest specifically tailored to your class!

You can set all the rules, create a password so only students from your class can enter, and track all of your student’s progress in one place!

If you have never used a virtual trading platform before, we also have recommended settings in place to get you started.

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Keep Students Engaged!

chartsEvery student will have the ability to see their portfolio either as a list (with company name, prices, and their profit or loss), or as a series of color-coded charts, for daily, monthly, or yearly performance of each stock.

All our features are also explained in our video series, so you can set up a stock game as an after school activity and let us take care of the introduction!

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Track Progress, Even Outside Class!

With more and more topics required in every class, it is always a challenge to fit effective supplements into your course outline.

But don’t worry! With HowTheMarketWorks, once you set up your class, you will get a custom link you can send to your students that will register them directly into your custom contest! Since it is all web-based, they can then log in at school, at home, or wherever they need, and you can always see all their activity!

We also include downloadable reports for teachers to see all transactions and account balances, and new this Fall teachers can create Assignments, and track specific tasks (read an article about “What is a Stock”, place 5 Mutual Fund trades, ect) and see which students complete them, all in one place!

Best of all, you can create an Assignment, which will prompt your student to make certain activities around the site. For example, you can Assign all your students to watch a video on how to place trades, and read our article on “What is a Stock?” and pass the quiz at the end for the first week. When your students register or log in, they will see these tasks, along with a progress bar showing how far they have to go.

You can also monitor each student’s progress on each Assignment item in real time, whether they are using the site at home, at school, or on a mobile device.

Education Center with Hundreds of Articles!

Our Education Center has hundreds of articles about saving, investing, personal finance, and glossary terms, all designed to help students with little or no previous experience understand the basics.

We also include articles on Current Market News, with some background information on current real-world issues, and how core concepts in economics and social studies apply to today’s headlines!

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Interactive Personal Finance Calculators!

We always believe the key to learning is by doing! We have added many different personal finance calculators over the last few months, and more are on their way!

From basics like calculating compound interest, to building a budget for a home, to saving to become a Millionaire, students can’t seem to get enough of our interactive tools!

We also have quizzes on each calculator, so your students can practice what they learn, and see the results!

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