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How Credit Cards Work

How Credit Cards Work

How Credit Cards Work Since 2010 the use of credit cards has become more popular than writing checks when paying for everyday purchases. The banks have made it easy for most people to get a credit card, and most retailers have made it very easy to use them. What is a Credit Card? A credit… Continue reading »

American Apparel Files For Bankruptcy!

American Apparel () has filed for bankrupsy this morning. It has failed to turn a profit since 2009. Like many other designer brands that once dominated the market among teenage and young adult high-end clothing, its business has been severely weakened as young people’s tastes have changed much faster than the brands can keep up…. Continue reading »

Oil Price Slides Again On Inventory Data!

Oil price is down again this morning after new stockpile figures show about 4.6 million new extra barrels’ worth of oil went into storage last month, compared to the 100,000 estimate most analysts were expecting. All this extra oil is going into storage because the global supply, or how much oil producers are pumping out… Continue reading »

Whole Foods To Cut 1,500 Jobs!

Many big companies have been expanding lately, which has helped keep the unemployment rate down, but Whole Foods () is trying hard to start cutting down. The big reason for this is that they are starting to get desparate to cut costs: their popular nickname is “Whole Paycheck”, since shopping there for a full load… Continue reading »

The Blue Chip Challenge Is Over!

Last week was the last day of the Blue Chip Summer Trading Challenge, which has been the biggest challenge HowTheMarketWorks has ever seen! Click Here To See The List Of Winners! You can join the next Challenge to win cash prizes by checking out our Prized Contests page (Click Here!), or look below for some… Continue reading »

Dow Jones Up After East Asian Gains!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had a big bump this morning, based on market data coming from China and Japan. Both countries recorded big gains today. The good feelings extended over Europe, with French and German indexes gaining over 2% each. The news comes after the Chinese government announced measures aimed at stemming the… Continue reading »

Investors are ready for interest rate hikes!

The interest rates set by the Federal Reserve Bank have been pegged near zero for many years now, and investors are signalling that they are ready to see it go up. During the financial crisis, interest rates were slashed down to historic low levels as the Fed did everything in its power to ease lending… Continue reading »

US dependence on Saudi Oil falls!

Times have been changing rather quickly for the alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The main reason is energy. US dependence on Saudi Oil has been dropping rapidly in the last decade, dropping by 50% thanks largely to increased oil production in America (if you want to try trading oil on HowTheMarketWorks, check… Continue reading »

American markets recover after China’s crash!

The next 5 days will be a very important learning experience for traders trying to sift through the rubble after China’s highly-publicized currency devaluation and subsequent shockwaves through the world markets. American markets have begun their recovery, with the S&P 500 (ETF: ) and Dow-Jones (ETF: ) indecies both recovering some of the losses. However,… Continue reading »

Jobs data released, Stocks Up!

  Stock index futures are up this morning as investors are starting to see buying opportunities after the big losses last month that stemmed from China’s stock crash and currency unrest around the world. However, investors are beginning to think that the initial sell-off was a bit of an overreaction; stock index futures are used… Continue reading »

Oil Production Estimates Down, Raising Prices!

In a move that suprised almost no-one, OPEC announced that cuts in production to help prop up oil prices may soon be on the horizon. What was surprising was that US oil producers, who are not affiliated with the group, concurrently cut back production estimates. The change in US estimates is mostly technical; instead of… Continue reading »

Alibaba Losing Ground To Surprising Upstart!

Alibaba () has had a wild ride since its IPO last year. Today, shares are up about 3% from the first day of trading, although that pales in comparison to the heights in November, where they hit about 75% higher than today. Since November, prices have crashed down; their growth is still strong, but investment… Continue reading »

Global Stocks Rebound On Chinese Stimulus!

Stocks around the world this morning after the Chinese central bank announced interest rate cuts, along with lowered reserve requirements for banks to encourage banks to start lending and put a stop to the global equity selling spree. This comes a week after the same bank drastically de-valued the Yuan, sending stocks, currencies, and futures… Continue reading »

Global Stock Sell-off Continues!

Stocks around the world continued to lose value, over $5 trillion in value has been lost in the last 2 weeks, as investors continue to flee riskier assets after China’s currency devaluation. The move, which many have claimed was a move designed to boost exports, has caused waves all around the world. Investment to developing… Continue reading »

Kraft Foods Puts Deep Cuts On Expenses And Jobs!

Berkshire Hathaway and 3G capital took control of Kraft foods and Heinz ketchup not long ago, where efforts first focused on Heinz. After replacing most of the top-level management (and many of the juniors), Heinz also shaved thousands of jobs in an effort to cut costs. The efforts seem to have worked; it boasted some… Continue reading »

Crashing Markets Mean Cheap Stocks!

Everyone paying attention to the news lately knows that there has been a lot of rough water over the last month or so; Gold and Oil have been tanking farther than usual, the Chinese currency devaluation rocked global markets while the Chinese stock market plummetted. Which is, coincidentally, a great time to start looking at… Continue reading »

Record Housing Starts Boost Home Depot!

New data shows that housing starts hit an 8-year high in July, with a construction frenzy underway as the housing market continues on its recovery after the financial crash. Home remodeling activity has been up as well, which helped Home Depot () beat earnings estimates and see stock prices reach new heights. There have been… Continue reading »