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Global Stocks Rebound On Chinese Stimulus!

Stocks around the world this morning after the Chinese central bank announced interest rate cuts, along with lowered reserve requirements for banks to encourage banks to start lending and put a stop to the global equity selling spree. This comes a week after the same bank drastically de-valued the Yuan, sending stocks, currencies, and futures… Continue reading »

Global Stock Sell-off Continues!

Stocks around the world continued to lose value, over $5 trillion in value has been lost in the last 2 weeks, as investors continue to flee riskier assets after China’s currency devaluation. The move, which many have claimed was a move designed to boost exports, has caused waves all around the world. Investment to developing… Continue reading »

Kraft Foods Puts Deep Cuts On Expenses And Jobs!

Berkshire Hathaway and 3G capital took control of Kraft foods and Heinz ketchup not long ago, where efforts first focused on Heinz. After replacing most of the top-level management (and many of the juniors), Heinz also shaved thousands of jobs in an effort to cut costs. The efforts seem to have worked; it boasted some… Continue reading »

Crashing Markets Mean Cheap Stocks!

Everyone paying attention to the news lately knows that there has been a lot of rough water over the last month or so; Gold and Oil have been tanking farther than usual, the Chinese currency devaluation rocked global markets while the Chinese stock market plummetted. Which is, coincidentally, a great time to start looking at… Continue reading »

Record Housing Starts Boost Home Depot!

New data shows that housing starts hit an 8-year high in July, with a construction frenzy underway as the housing market continues on its recovery after the financial crash. Home remodeling activity has been up as well, which helped Home Depot () beat earnings estimates and see stock prices reach new heights. There have been… Continue reading »

Bonds are back up, with stocks sliding on data!

The world markets are still edgy after China’s currency devaluation last week, and a Fed report showing that New York area manufacturing started sliding downwards has not put any investors at ease. Commodities and stocks both started down on Monday morning, many top analysts predict the pullback will continue for a short while longer as… Continue reading »

StockLinkU Closes Its Virtual Trading Site

StockLinkU, the stock simulation site launched in 2012 from Greenville SC, has apparently shut down. StockLinkU has apparently closed its virtual trading site. The site has been unavailable for several months now and there are no comments from its facebook and linkedin pages. Launched in 2012 as a free site, the site struggled to gain… Continue reading »

Bonds And Gold Down After Chinese Currency Crunch!

The beginning of the week was dominated by the Chinese currency devaluation; the Chinese central bank devalued the Yuan by over 4% from Monday’s exchange rate with the US dollar over the week. However, by this morning, things have returned more-or-less to “normal” on international currency markets. The biggest fear when the devaluation was announced… Continue reading »

Alibaba Misses Earnings, Price Tanks!

Alibaba () missed its earning target, driving shares farther down for the company that had the world’s largest IPO last year. The news of the Chinese commerce behemoth’s miss came just after China announced another round of currency devaluation, bringing the total drop of the Yuan to almost 4% compared to last week against the… Continue reading »

China De-Values Yuan In Surprise Move!

Tuesday morning China announced an immediate 1.9% devaluation of the Yuan, surpising investors and economists around the world. Bankers around the world have long criticized China for manipulating its currency value in order to help drive exports; this sudden devaluation only strengthens those concerns. The Chinese economy has been facing slowed growth over the last… Continue reading »

Oil Keeps Falling As Supply Keeps Going Up!

Oil Futures are down again this Monday morning after the newest reports show that the US has deployed 6 more drilling platforms, while OPEC continues record output. Countries who rely on oil exports for a significant amount of tax revenue have been pummelled; Canada is struggling to keep its promise of a balanced budget, Norway… Continue reading »

215,000 Jobs Added In July!

Based on the latest reports from the US Department of Labor, over 215,000 jobs were added in July, following a 230,000 increase in June. Despite the gloom-and-doom in the commodities market (especially oil and gold), hiring across the entire economy has been growing at a fairly stable pace over the last 5 years as the… Continue reading »

Russia destroys imports of Western Food!

In a game of Tit-For-Tat, Russia banned imports of most food from Western Europe last year after Europe imposed sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Crimea. However, distributors from Eastern European countries, particularly Belarus, have been trying to circumvent the ban, smuggling or re-packaging Belgian, French, and German food and shipping it to waiting… Continue reading »

Russia’s Economy Hammered By Low Oil!

Russia is the world’s top energy exporter, extracting and selling billions of barrels of crude oil and natural gas; a huge amount of the national budget (and therefore the method of payment for social services, the military, and much more) is paid for on taxes on these fossil fuels. So there are few countries that… Continue reading »

Facebook’s Revenue Jumps, But Profits Plummet!

Facebook released its 2nd quarterly earnings yesterday, with some big shocks followed by a drop in stock prices. Facebook has grown at an almost unprecedented pace since inception, and now their growth problem is that almost everyone already has a Facebook account, so they need to target other opportunities outside their core browser application and… Continue reading »