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How Credit Cards Work (12/9/2015) - How Credit Cards Work Since 2010 the use of credit cards has become more popular than writing checks when paying for everyday purchases. The banks have made it easy for most people to get a credit card, and most retailers have made it very easy to use them. What is a Credit Card? A credit... Continue reading »
American Apparel Files For Bankruptcy! (10/5/2015) - American Apparel () has filed for bankrupsy this morning. It has failed to turn a profit since 2009. Like many other designer brands that once dominated the market among teenage and young adult high-end clothing, its business has been severely weakened as young people’s tastes have changed much faster than the brands can keep up.... Continue reading »
Oil Price Slides Again On Inventory Data! (9/30/2015) - Oil price is down again this morning after new stockpile figures show about 4.6 million new extra barrels’ worth of oil went into storage last month, compared to the 100,000 estimate most analysts were expecting. All this extra oil is going into storage because the global supply, or how much oil producers are pumping out... Continue reading »
Investors Start Moving From Apple Stock, Even With Record Sales! (9/29/2015) - Apple’s () stock price has fallen this week in the wake of the new iPhone launch, which beat estimates to sell 13 million units in its first weekend on the market. This sounds like it should have been great news, so why did the stock price fall? Well, there’s a few things that investors find... Continue reading »

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